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ev charging

Electric car charging – How many? Should we bother?

October 29, 2015/by Paul
bad sign

Signage – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Sellotape. Sellotape, paper and a printer or pen. Is this…
September 2, 2015/by Paul

The Price is Right – The Importance of a Tariff

Arguably, the parking tariff for a car park is the primary driver…
August 19, 2015/by Paul
nhs parking charges

Hospital Parking Charges – Caring or Careless?

Should hospitals charge for parking, Yes or No? Yes. There,…
August 15, 2015/by Paul
Car park uniform

Want to Make an Impact? – Then Uniform Needs Uniformity

Uniformity -Noun, Plural -ties. 1. A state or condition in…
June 11, 2015/by Paul

Cash Handling and Collection – The Real Million Pound Drop?

My take on an operation with poor cash collection procedures: "You must…
March 29, 2015/by Paul

Pick a Card, Any Card – Are Car Park Tickets an Ancient Art?

I am passionate about embracing new technology and evolving the…
January 26, 2014/by Paul

Forum Trolls – Overselling Parking Products and Killing a Conversation

An example forum – Forum Title – Parking in an underground…
February 10, 2012/by Paul

Car Park Etiquette – Guest Blog

If there is an element of driving that is sure to stoke the fires…
January 10, 2012/by Paul

Mary Portas is wrong

Parking is not the key to success of an area, free parking will not make a shopping centre successful just as charging for parking would kill off trade. Over charging will kill shopping areas.
December 14, 2011/by Fraser

Customer service it’s easy…isn’t it?

“Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.”
November 11, 2011/by Fraser

Parking Review Article – Delivering the Goods

The UK's number 1 parking publication - Parking Review - recently…
October 28, 2011/by Paul

The Quality Parking Partnership – Parking and Property Review

Quietly I was a bit nervous for Paul doing his presentation after all the work that had gone into it; I didn’t want good old technology to let us down.
June 8, 2011/by Fraser

Mice don’t kill shops, meters do

some people blame the ‘death of the high street’ and the closure of local shops on the availability of cheap goods online. Not me. I think the problem is closer to home
March 4, 2011/by Fraser

A Career in Parking – Can you go from CSO to CEO?

If someone asked me what I would be working as when I was 30…
December 16, 2010/by Paul

There’s no business when its Snow business

We seem to have a phobia or at least an inability to drive when the weather takes a turn for the worst, now I agree with the guidance from the police not to drive unless it’s absolutely necessary. However I wonder what happens in northern America, or eastern Europe where it ‘really’ snows, and the weather hits temperatures of around -20. Do people stop working all through the winter? Perhaps not.
December 8, 2010/by Fraser

Stick Together – The Parking Management Conference 2010

Stick together. Now there's something you don't hear everyday…
November 22, 2010/by Paul

Together in Electric Dreams…

When the first electric cars started to appear I half expected there to be a mega craze of electric parking meters popping up all over the place. (although I couldn’t quite imagine one outside my house) Thankfully that’s not the case.
November 9, 2010/by Fraser

Disability and the Blue Badge Crisis

I hate blue badges. Well that’s a bit strong, I dislike them,…
October 20, 2010/by Fraser

The End of Clamping – Where will the Cowboys Go?

With the government announcing its intention to ban clamping…
September 26, 2010/by Paul

Look after the pennies…

I went canoeing at the weekend, there were 16 of us out for the…
September 12, 2010/by Fraser

The future of Parking – Multi Pay Parking

The future of Parking Wow, that's a big statement right?…
August 30, 2010/by Paul