The future of Parking – Multi Pay Parking

The future of Parking

Wow, that’s a big statement right? Or is it?

I’ve been in parking for just over 8 years now, and I haven’t really seen any big advances in the industry throughout that time. Sure we’ve had updates in connectivity, I can dial in remotely and have access wherever I am, but thats not really an advance in parking technology because nowadays those things are expected.

You only have to take a look around any of the car parks today and you will see what I mean. Some of the biggest and best in the country still use 10 year old equipment. Or if it has been ‘upgraded’ it really dosen’t look, or work any differently. I’m sure the people selling it will tell you otherwise, and bang on about how they are compliant with this and that and how there tech is different from the rest, but is it really? Or is it still an oversized box with a pc inside that gives your customers tickets, charges them and gives you some reports?

Ive seen some great new products on the horizon, and the companes I work with will certainly be embracing these and even offer ourselves as a test bed where we can. New ANPR kit will allow multi pay parking, giving customers the ability to pay online, pay by phone, have an account or simply pay at a regular old machine. This is just like setting up a congestion zone in your car park.

This blog isn’t for me to waffle on about what we will be doing, I just wanted to talk about how long its taken for our industry to really embrace change and adapt to what people want. As we shift toward digital payments, online payments and accounts that don’t even bother us for payment, should we really still be asking our customers to take a ticket and queue to pay?