Parking Review Article – Delivering the Goods

The UK’s number 1 parking publication – Parking Review – recently published an article about my work at Land Securities and the work we have done as a company over the past few years to ensure we consistently deliver Parking Excellence.

It also went on to talk about our innovative use of technology such as the bay indicator systems and our own Parking Analytics software, as well as some details of the amazing Parking Excellence blog…

Here is a low resolution snapshot image of the article:

The article was essentially a transcript of the video we created for the Parking and Property conference, which went down very well. It is always great to receive recognition of your work and to have it published through this platform is a great achievement.

The full article can be read using the link below, you will need to be able to open .pdf files to see it:

Parking Review – Delivering the Goods

Any feedback on the article is always greatly received, and I’m hoping that we can continue to contribute some content from this blog in future editions of the Parking Review.