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There is something about getting up at 5:30 and heading to London that I really don’t mind. It could be to do with the excitement of another parking conference…or the early morning ‘hug’ on the tube with the random strangers. Quietly I was a bit nervous for Paul doing his presentation after all the work that had gone into it; I didn’t want good old technology to let us down. Thankfully it went well with minor tech issues.

Yesterday for those who didn’t go was the Parking and Property conference held in Westminster, London. Another Landor event bringing together the parking industry and its associates.

There were some great presentations throughout the day and my favourite really has to be the one that I was in. In all seriousness what really caught my attention was the opening address by Ian McCullloch, from Bircham Dyson Bell.

Ian spoke about public and private operators and how the collaboration of the two sectors is key. About how through the use of innovation we as operators can develop the commercial aspect of parking. Something he called – A Quality Parking Partnership.

I can’t help but think we have heard this before however hopefully this really is going to be the way forward; after all there really is little difference in retail and private sector parking. Let’s share our ideas.

This theme really rang through with Nigel Williams, with the key message that Parking is a service that generates a profit. Parking should not be treated as a cash cow, something which still seems hard to drill into some organisations. With John Pearson from Q-Park echoing his comments through Q-Park representing Parking as a premium service and how if we focus on the customer the profit will follow.

Richard Talbot from The Railway Consultancy spoke on rail stations and their relationship with parking, and changing attitudes within the industry. Ian McCulloch spoke about the ban on wheel clamping a hot topic lately, the general consensus from the room was that it shouldn’t be banned, but it should be better regulated. Unfortunately it’s the case of a few bad eggs spoiling it for the rest of us.

The event was well represented from all divisions of the parking sector including Westfield Shopping centres, John Lewis and Waitrose. Network Rail, RAC Foundation, APT Skidata, BemroseBooth, VINCI Park, Q-Park and many more ranging from consultants to councils.

Parking and Property 2011 or Parking and Property 1 in my opinion was a success, time to develop on our relationships as operators, lets not get stuck in broken promises and ‘lets do better’ talks. Let’s have more open forums, more discussions and develop our industry for the better.



The video shown in our presentation was a specially created for Parking and Property 2011.

If you would like further information on this video please get in touch.

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  1. Doug Mather
    Doug Mather says:

    Glad to hear the industry finally seems to be coming around to the service aspect of parking. This shift to an attitude of a service for a charge is long overdue. In my opinion, if this had happened a few years ago, its quite possible that we might not have been facing the challenges of the clamping ban now. That said, I do support the principle of the ban – as long as it comes with changes in the law to hold the registered keeper accountable.

    Sadly, I could not make it to yesterday’s Parking & Property conference. How do I get a copy of your video presentation?

  2. Paul
    Paul says:

    I agree doug and thanks for the comment. I will be uploading the video and docs asap and will link to them on the blog.

    All the best


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