Together in Electric Dreams…

Electric Parking…there I said it. A buzz word, a fad, a marketing ploy, a revolution, the future. Whatever you believe everyone has an opinion on electric cars and in the parking industry everyone has an opinion on electric parking bays.

When the first electric cars started to appear I half expected there to be a mega craze of electric parking meters popping up all over the place. (although I couldn’t quite imagine one outside my house) Thankfully that’s not the case.

I just wonder how far this whole electric revolution is going to go, I’m a bit sceptical if I’m honest.

I remember Mini Discs, robust and durable set to replace the CD and I spent a fair bit of money on them  too. Then suddenly out of nowhere MP3 players and solid state hard drives.

I think for inner cities electric cars work, but I certainly wouldn’t be driving long distance in one. It’s not that I hate the planet, or the electric car, I just don’t think they work.

It’s not about me being a petrol head, or trying to be cool and it’s not about speed either. The majority of electric cars now are pretty quick.

It’s more the fact that there is not really anywhere to charge them, there are none n my home town, I’m not sure there are any in the neighbouring city. I also don’t have a drive way so I presumably would have to run a cable from  my front room?

I think you see where I’m heading with this one, until the infrastructure improves and the ability to charge the car in 5 minutes. Or you can pull into a charging station where you just swap the battery out for a fresh one and a small fee. I can’t see them taking off, and really there is no need to waste the money on the charging points.

Keep the bays for disabled customers or anyone with a blue badge…