Car park uniform

Want to Make an Impact? – Then Uniform Needs Uniformity

Uniformity -Noun, Plural -ties.

1. A state or condition in which everything is regular, homogeneous, or unvarying.

I think we sometimes forget the meaning of uniform and simply consider it to be another word for staff clothing or work wear.

Fraser and I have been out and about in car parks and town centres in our work jackets many, many times and I kid you not when I say we get a lot of attention! Now that may sound a bit vain (if Fraser wrote this I would agree) but its actually because we are both in identical uniform that is liveried with our companies brand and clearly has an impact when people see us.

I don’t always agree that an impact is necessarily a good thing, dressing staff in identical clown suits clearly wont work, but as an example, our uniform has some simple touches and flares such as high visibility patches and clear Black / Silver colouring that helps us stand out.

Safety is always an issue for car park staff, and this is the reason we introduced the patches on our jackets, but I do think you should challenge this concept because does safety always mean having a dull high vis jacket with no design? No, of course not.

Over the years we have spoke with many uniform suppliers, and sometimes paid for development of new designs as we were so keen to enhance a brand, rather than have car park staff with uniform that doesn’t differentiate them from the workmen on site, or the guy that just rode in on his pushbike! Uniform should also clearly identify the staff’s purpose – I have found that simply adding ‘Car Park Staff’ to the back of uniform helps identify your staff from on site security and actually makes them more approachable.

Uniform that is consistent, smart and even funky, also helps staff feel like they are part of a team. I think uniform is a great way to promote your brand, and the brand of anyone you are in partnership with. It should also be used to promote your staff as walking, talking help points and ambassadors of the car park and your company.

We use the term uniform for a reason, so why not use the simple power of uniformity and create a visual impact, and who knows, you may even get as much attention as we do…